Project: Website Sign on Flow
Client: EVRealities
Duration: 3 Weeks
Team: Lauren Haney, Olly Nguyen, Cheryl Loeffler
Platform: Web
Tools: Whiteboard, Post its, RealTime Board, Sketch, Invision
My Role: UX/UI Design
EVRealities is a community and marketplace for immersive technology (VR, AR, 360) creators and publishers.

The Objective
To create an effective on-boarding and sign-up flow that increases user profile creation and completion.


Discovering Our Users

In interviewing current users of EVRealities, as well as potential users. These interviews taught us about the frustrations, motivations, and goals of our target users.

Key Findings Uncovered:
-12/12 interviewees were cautious when interacting with their IP on the internet
-10/12 interviewees do their due diligence online when purchasing or hiring a new person

Market Research

To learn the VR landscape, and how EVRealities might fit into the larger 360 and Immersive Technologies market we went to the Fox Innovation lab and learned how other companies are utilizing VR. This infographic helped inform that EVRealities is the bottom half of the triangle - Lower cost to produce and more reach. Additionally we compared features to Freelancer and Upwork (seen in the C&C).
User Interviews
Market Research
I won’t post my images anywhere that I can’t trust
                                                             -Photojournalist, LA
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Affinity Mapping

To synthesize the data from our user interviews and identify key trends that existed, we created an affinity map.

We grouped our findings into these groups:
-Protecting your business (IP & Trust)
-How creators get work
-Marketplace interaction
-Content quality
Affinity Mapping
User Personas

User Personas

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For this project we decided that we needed two user personas, because of the duel sign-up process. One for the creator and another for the publishers.

Problem Statement

When people encounter a website that doesn’t clearly communicate the value it offers, they are reluctant to engage with and trust it with their data.

Our users are confused about what EVRealities does. How might we show them the value of this service?


Design Challenges

Design Challenges
Design Studio

Design Studio

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In addition to the User Flows, we created a Customer Journey Map to help our team focus on making this sign on process a delightful experience, this was done by focusing on areas of the customer journey that are well below the happiness line: standardizing nomenclature on the current site and adding a marketplace for creators.
Because so much of our design for this project was on sign up flow, we found a lot of value in utilizing the entire whiteboard for mapping out our screens and making iterations on the fly.



Usability Testing

Usability Testing


To get a sense of how our users would use the app, we began a series of Usability Tests. We performed several rounds of usability testing with medium fidelity and high fidelity prototypes.
As a bonus to our sign up flow - we decided to add on the marketplace and how it might look for EVRealities from the creator's onboarding perspective.

Next Steps

Since our client was still in beta, our next steps recommendations are aligned with how to help EVRealities grow their user base, establish their brand identity, and build a community.

- Establish the marketplace for creators
- Utilize the phrase "immersive" and "immersive technology" further in branding and marketing to target VR & 360 creators
- Add the ability to review content and creators

Our Team

From left to right, Olly, Lauren & Cheryl